Mark York Races Noah

Conference Programme
New Learning, New Leading - Delivering a public sector service in the current environment

NAPEP Chair’s Report 2011-12

NAPEP Secretary's Report 2012

NAPEP Treasurer's Report 2012

Welcome and Introduction - Mohammed Bham, Chair, NAPEP National Executive Committee
Chair's Welcome

Keynote Speaker: Mark Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, Solihull Council
'Public sector services in the current political context'

Mark Rogers - Mini Biography

Core and non-core Educational Psychology Services - who decides?
Workshop led by Dr Chris Lewis (Lead EP, West Sussex) and Lynn Fletcher
(PEP - Retired, Sunderland), NAPEP National Executive Committee

NAPEP Questions - Core / Non-Core Discussion framework
Summary of Feedback

Handouts of reference documents:
Relevant EP Quotes - DfE ITEP Report
LACSEG 2012-13 Guidance
Extracts from Sarah Teather

Targeting Mental Health in Schools TaMHS - Developing and sustaining innovation

Mohammed Bham (PEP, Solihull)
'Building a TaMHS intervention programme into EP service delivery'
Solihull TaMHs Evaluation Summary Report

Anthony Riches (PEP, Bracknell Forest) TaMHS:
School development projects model
TaMHS Introduction to dissemination event
School development projects
Action Plan - final picture
TaMHS presentation to CAMHS Partnership

Keynote Speaker: Professor Norah Frederickson, Director, Educational Psychology Group, University College London.

'Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing in Schools: Sustaining EP Involvement'

Norah Frederickson - Mini Biography

Me and My School DfE Report: National TaMHS Evaluation 2008-2011

Closing remarks - Mohammed Bham, Chair, NAPEP National Executive Committee