Welcome to NAPEP from Ruth Illman, Chair of NAPEP 2014 to 2016

Ruth Illman
ISPA Manchester
As an association we have a great deal to build upon from the work already undertaken. Our last conference focused on leadership and led us to think about our needs as Principal Educational Psychologists.  I share the passion apparent at conference to promote  the role of the Educational Psychologists and to bring our profession to the forefront of developments in the educational landscape.  We have exciting times ahead and it is for all of us to make the dream into a reality.

Ruth Illman
Ruth attended schools in Cumbria and West Yorkshire. She continued into Higher Education at Universities of St Johns, York;  Open University; Manchester; and Birmingham. Ruth’s most memorable occasion of her career is achieving her Doctorate in Educational Psychology, with research interests in social and emotional development leading to self-regulation. Ruth likes to spend her spare time involved with the Church, Scouting, Promoting Duke of Edinburgh Awards and being outdoors!

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Times of change

Our Purpose

NAPEP seeks to support, advise and influence the leadership of educational psychology services and supports the continuing development of our profession in order to achieve the most positive, inclusive outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Our Membership

An eligible principal educational psychologist is defined as: “the most senior qualified and registered Educational Psychologist actively managing a team of EPs - who are commissioned to work within a local authority - as all of or a part of their substantive role”. The title of the role is not a qualifying criterion.

There are no formal membership arrangements or subscriptions. All PEPs are entitled to involvement with and support from NAPEP as a community of peers and to have access to our email communication list, NAPEP-L.